Are you confused to buy a Desktop or a Laptop Computer? READ THIS FIRST

Computers have become an important part of our daily lives and an integral part of the working environment. Computers are now available in various form factors. Most of us have confusion to choose a Laptop or Desktop to suit their needs, few people say Laptop is a new generation of a desktop, but it is not true, still people buy desktops, let us find why?
Why Desktop?

  • Long Life
  • Good for Family Users
  • Good for Video Editing and for Gamers
  • Easy to Fix and Upgrade(Hardware & OS Platform)
  • More storage option (add many Hard Disk for Storage)
  • Less Maintenance cost (cheap to Repair and Upgrade)
  • Less Expensive compare to laptops(Powerful Desktop Cheaper than a powerful Laptops)


Few Drawbacks:

  • Large Footprint – occupies more space.
  • Not portable
  • Power consumption compare to Laptops

Why Laptop?

  • Easy to Carry
  • Portable – Small & Light Weight
  • Powered by Battery
  • Lower power consumption
  • Up to date Information(can carry to office & home to complete the work)


Few Drawbacks:

    • Expensive(compare to Desktop price)
    • Highly insecure (Stolen or lost)
    • Durability(more wear and tear)
    • Health issues (Prolong use can cause neck and spinal Injuries due to flat keyboard & touchpad).


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