Computer Service, Why Computer Maintenance Is Important for Your Business


All computers will eventually need services and repairs.

There are some user services that can be performed by those with average computer knowledge however, computer service or repair is best left to Professional Technicians. Indeed, most people do not know that the computer must be opened and physically cleaned at least once per year. Dust collection traps heat inside the computer’s case. Excess heat affects the stable operation of electronic components, and can lead to their ultimate demise. We at system care & solutions follow the below steps to keep your computer performance good and avoid taking it for a computer service often.

Procedures to do General computer service on your PC – CPU:

1.     Power Drain: Turnoff the computer, Unplug the Power cable from a UPS/ Wall Socket, hold the CPU power button for 30 seconds.

2.     Unscrew the side case. Slide it out to open the case.

3.     Please do not use Vacuum Cleaner to Blow out the dust (it will cause damage in the motherboard), Use any small brush to remove the dust.

4.     Unplug all the cables from Motherboard – Unscrew the motherboard and pull it out from the tower.

5.     Remove the Heat sink with CPU fan from the motherboard.

6.     Apply Heat Sink at the bottom of the Heat sink(see video for Assistance)

7.     Place the Heat sink carefully on the processor (make sure the clips on all the four side is connected properly.

8.     Change the CMOS Battery on the mother board every year (It will cost you only 10 Rs).

9.     Place the motherboard on the tower and screw it. Connect all the cables, make sure the cables are connected properly tag the cables to avoid contact from the CPU FAN or tower cooling fans.

      All set – Your computer performance and life of your computer will be good now. If you are not confident enough or need help please contact system care & solutions for onsite general computer service for Just Rs.300.


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