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Branded PCs are more common, and are the main focus of this information. They are often chosen over assembled PCs because they are widely available, easy to purchase and use, and do not necessarily require that the buyer know anything about computers before purchasing. Branded PCs are easy to purchase, which is one of the reasons they are so popular. Another reason is that branded PCs require little thought and zero technical skill, and are guaranteed to work because the parts have been selected to work together for optimal use. For most consumers, branded PCs are an excellent choice, although they are more expensive than assembled PCs.


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Branded PC desktops and all-In-ones include any computer put together by a branded computer manufacturer. Popular computer brands are Apple, Dell, HP, Acer, and Lenovo. There are more than 88 listed computer manufacturers in the world, all of which produce branded PC desktops and all-in-ones. These computers can be purchased as an alternative to computers that do not have a brand, which are usually assembled PCs, which means that the buyers purchase parts and put them together or have a specialist put them together into a complete PC.


Branded PCs have their own pros and cons so buyers can choose between the branded and the assembled or non-branded computers according to preferences. Choosing a computer based on budget, features, options, and style can all be beneficial as well, especially to anyone who has specific preferences regarding the computer's specifications. An overview of branded PC desktops and all-in-ones can be used to compare, decide, and choose a branded computer

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