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SCS provide convenient Cloud solutions, on-demand access to shared pools of IT resources, helping businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs and rebalance capital and operating expenses. Your business might be small at the moment, but hopefully it will grow! And if you're thinking about scaling up, it's much faster and more cost-effective to do so using the cloud. SCS provides suitable cloud solutions based on what your business need. SCS also Assist you in building your own cloud server.

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tally on cloud

As businesses grow and evolve, the business dynamics and their demands keep changing. With the current technologies evolving and new ones emerging, the need to access business applications and data from anywhere has gained momentum. Most businesses today want to leverage the cloud accounting or computing space that facilitates access to data and applications on the go. Tally On Cloud allows users to run their offline Tally software from anywhere and at anytime and from any device with utmost security, stability, privacy and reliability. It is an Enterprise Class Product that provides an easy low maintenance and economical way of running Tally.ERP 9